Here are some Frequently asked questions-


Do I need to attend all PTO meetings to be a member? I am usually busy in the evenings.

No, you don't have to and we will be putting up the meeting minutes after every meeting on the Meetings and Minutes webpage for all members to see. However, please do try and make it to at least some of them to see how the funds raised are being used and provide any valuable suggestions or feedback.


What are House funds? What are they used for? Why do I need to donate for that?

 As you know CRE follows a House system with the younger classes of Kinder to 2nd in Blue, Green and Purple Houses and the older 3rd to 5th graders in Yellow, Red or Orange house. These houses help students learn among same house but different age schoolmates.


It also means that when a schoolwide celebration takes place with the help of the PTO -- such as the Winter party or Valentine Day party, each house needs funds to pay for the students treats and for the games etc. The house funds takes care of that and is exclusively raised to fund 'any activities that are used on a House level'.


Also, the House funds will be used to treat our CRE Teachers on their Birthdays, Christmas time and during the Teacher Appreciation week. So all room funds collected in a year will directly go for celebrating our students and teachers, and will not be carried over the next year. Contributing to this fund means the more we raise the better celebrations we can plan for the school.


How can I volunteer in my child's class?

 The PTO is made up of Parent volunteers that co-ordinate such volunteering across the school year. As teachers need, they will let the PTO know the opportunities for parents to volunteer in the classroom. We also have Room parents for each class that co-ordinates with the PTO and the Room teacher for the Winter/ Valentine parties and for class wise needs for Parent volunteers. 


The Library is another good place that needs parent volunteers constantly throughout the year. Please keep a watch out for more info in the Volunteer section of this website and also fill in the Volunteer interest form. We will be in touch with you for upcoming opportunities.


What is Write a Check? How are the donations used?

"Write a check" is a schoolwide fundraiser. Parents are free to donate as much as they wish, no amount is less or more however the suggested amount per child is $50. 


All funds collected are used for the sole purpose of advancing the school community and benefit our students. Some of the ways these funds are applied are-

-- Teachers Grants (almost $10K have been given out in grants for various educational materials and subscriptions that our teachers have asked from the PTO)

-- Benevolence Fund- helping our financially disadvantaged families and students, to pay for school trips and school supplies, based on a financial need determined by the district.

 - Educational enrichment programs such as Author visits, animal shows, science based hands on projects, transportation for field trips etc.

 -- Recreation equipment that the school district does not provide such as the soccer goals that the PTO sponsored in 2020

 -- Teacher training programs that are not funded by the district but enhance the teacher development process

 -- Robotic kits that are used in the DREAMS Lab and we aim to build a good collection of these kits over time so that our students get the best exposure to hands on learning for STEM activities

 -- Pays for fun events that the PTO helps sponsor, such as-

  • Field day in May, which has a number of fun water slides and bounce houses along with treats for the students,
  • Back to School Dance to welcome our students and families and
  • the 5th grade graduation where we celebrate our graduating class with a printed T-shirt and goodies

My company does Corporate matching for donations. How can I take benefit of it for my donations to the PTO?


Yes, Corporate matching is the quickest way to double up your donation and help the PTO, “click here” to know more and  also download the Corporate Matching document


I have some questions about my online order. Who do I contact?


The PTO is always there to answer any questions or concerns. Please reach out to us at and our team will help you as soon as possible.


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